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2020 Teams


AWAA Blue Kamikazes


Jim Cole

Nate Cruz

Tom Gannon

Nick Lea

Vin Lea

Kris Morse

Chris Neumann

Kyle Von Schleusingen

AWAA in the NWLAT:

AWAA comes into the 2020 Tournament as the reigning champions. The team captured its first title, last year, in their third year competing. In those three seasons, the Blue Kamikazes own a 14-9-1 record, and have finished 1st (2019), 3rd (2018), and 9th (2017).

American Wiffle Association of America (New York)


CCWB Chasers


Alec Buchman

Kegan Caughey

Austin Church

Brendan Dudas

Dylan Jones

Rudy Lyon

Aiden Palmer

Will Smithey

CCW in the NWLAT:

Circle City is set to play in their fifth NWLA Tournament this summer. The formerly Indy Southside has an all time record of 8-11-2 in the tournament and is coming off a 10th place finish in 2019, their best finish to date.

Circle City Wiffle Ball (Indiana)

Logo_NWLA20-gawl league.jpg

GAWL Stars


Caden Bengston

Ryan Deviney

Mykal Diaz

Anthony Higbie

Mike Jenkins

Curtis Lebeau

Ryan O'Toole

Jason Vrusho

GAWL in the NWLAT:

GAWL is back in the NWLA Tournament after a one year hiatus. This will be the GAWL Stars fourth time in the NWLA Tournament. GAWL owns an 11-13-2 record, with 8 of the wins coming at regional events.

Greater Auburn Wiffleball League (Massachusetts)


GBL Legends


Jackson Buzea

Brett Detmar

Erik Detmar

Wes Ellis

Caleb Jonkman

Kyle Lidster

Jeremy Ratajczyk

Ryan Voges

GBL in the NWLAT:

Griffleball has made appearances in the past two championship games, but has come up just short each year. They will look to get over the second place hump in their 9th NWLA Tournament this September. All time GBL sits at a 39-30-1 record, after winning six games in each of the past two tournaments.

Griffleball League (Indiana)

Logo NWLA20- hrl league.jpg

HRL Dong Show


Wade Cooper

Dan Duehn

Tyler Flakne

Daniel Heck

Travis Heyda

Evan Sibbet

Luke Thompson

Casey Urbach

HRL in the NWLAT:

HRL will make their 8th quest for an NWLA Tournament Cup this September. The team consistently finishes in the top half of the field and will look to take the extra leap to the Championship. Last year, HRL went 3-2-1, moving their all time record to 43-18-4.

Home Run League (Minnesota)

Logo_NWLA20-kwl league.png

KWL Keggers


David Ayres

Grant Bridgewater

Jordan Buckallew

Justin Gregory

Mike Hogan

Grant Miller

Kyle Owen

Nate Thompson

KWL in the NWLAT:

KWL has competed in all 8 of the NWLA Tournaments and will return for year 9 this September. The team holds an all time record of 35-27-2. Their best finish is 5th place, which came three times (2013, '16, & '17). In 2019, KWL went 3-2 and finished in 9th place.

Kalamazoo Wiffle League (Michigan)

MAW Logo.png

MAW Mafia


Ryan McElrath

Tim McElrath

Jordan Robles

Ben Stant

Noah Silverman

Devin Torres

Connor Young

Chris Sarnowski

MAW in the NWLAT:

MAW is coming off one of the most successful runs by a rookie team at the NWLAT last summer. The team went 4-3 in 2019 and were knocked out in an extra inning battle in the losers bracket semifinal to earn a fourth place finish.  

Mid Atlantic Wiffle (Pennsylvania)

OCWA Logo.png

OCWA Freaky Franchise


Jordan Benzing

Ryan Bush

Dylan Frankel

Chris Roeder

Andrew Stone

Jon Suhre

OCWA in the NWLAT:

OCWA is one of the original eight leagues and has played in every NWLA Tournament. They have won the Cup two times ('12 & '16) and hold a 53-21-2 all time record. Most recently, the Purple and White finished in 6th place at last years tournament.

Ontario County Wiffle Association (New York)


RPWL Longballs


Sean Bingnear

Austin Bleacher

Dennis Donegan

Chris Durning

Cam Farro

Dylan Harshaw

Tommy Loftus

Collin Pollag

RPWL in the NWLAT:

Ridley Park is set to play in their fourth NWLA Tournament in 2020. In the three tournaments leading up, they have compiled a 12-12-3 record in NWLAT play. The Longballs are coming off a third place finish last summer, their best ever.

Ridley Park Wiffleball League (Pennsylvania)


SWBL Cardinals


Spencer Bogad

Chris Meador

Gus Skibbe

Sam Skibbe

Cameron Smith

Auston Steffes

SWBL in the NWLAT:

The SWBL Cardinals are an original 8 team and have played in all eight of the NWLA Tournaments. The team owns a 48-22 record in their career and have finished just short of a Cup twice with a second place finish in 2016 and 17. SWBL finished in eighth at the 2019 event. 

Skibbe Wiffle Ball League (Missouri)

WILL logo (1).png

WILL Waves


Austin Berger

Jordan Castelli

Jake Davey

Mike Graziani

Gino Joseph

Steven Keelon

Rob Licht

Nate Morris

WILL in the NWLAT:

The WILL is ready for their fourth NWLA Tournament. The team won the 2018 Cup as the 14 seed and after a 13th place finish the year prior. In total the Waves hold a 14-9-1 record at the NWLAT. Last year they were unable to defend the title, ending the weekend in 5th place. 

Wiff is Life League (Pennsylvania)




David Castle

Caden Irwin

Scott Kujawa

Nicco Lollio

Chandler Phillips

Craig Skinner

Kyle Tomlinson

Stephen Werner

WSEM in the NWLAT:

WSEM has won the most NWLA Tournaments with three Cups ('14, '15, '17). The squad holds a 45-17-5 record in NWLAT games and has been to all eight of them. This year they will look to rebound off a 14th place finish in 2019.

Wiffle in Southeast Michigan (Michigan)

Logo_NWLA20-www league.jpg

WWW Mothmen


Hunter Bradley

Brice Clark

Patrick Horton

Tyler Roush

Kaileb Sheets

William Zuspan

Wyatt Zuspan

WWW in the NWLAT:

WWW competed in 2013, '14, '16, and '17 as the Huntington Wiffle League. In that time period they were 8-16 in tournament play. The league rebranded as WWW in 2018, as they now hail from Mason, WV. Since the change they have been 8-9 at the NWLAT, moving their all time record to 16-25.

Wild and Wonderful Wiffle (West Virginia)




Kendall Cisney

Mike Davidson

Zak Finn

Dustin Laugel

Dylan Laugel

Darren Sappenfield

Justin Swingler

YISH in the NWLAT:

Yish Wiffleball will be competing in their first NWLA Tournament in 2020.

YiSH Wiffleball (Illinois)

Logo_NWLA20-nwbl league new.png



JB Brosovic

Eric Diffendal

Alex Morrison

Cole Lanni

Tyler Zadrozny

BYW in the NWLAT:

The BYW will be competing in their first NWLA Tournament in 2020.

Boneyard Wiffle (Pennsylvania)

Logo_NWLA20-cwb league.png



Anthony Gadani

Kyle Girgenti

Edin Hadzimuratovic

Josh Howland

Ryan Huber

Mike Ilyadis

CWB in the NWLAT:

Colonie will be competing in their first NWLA Tournament in 2020.

Colonie Wiffleball League (New York)

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