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How We Play

The Basics

  • Up to 6 players can bat, 3 players are in the field.

  • We run the bases and have no pitch speed restriction.

  • Yellow official Wiffle Brand bats and official clean Wiffle balls are used.

  • The pitcher's poison circle is used to get a lead runner out. Any player can occupy it to record an out, although, the pitcher is the most common player to be in the circle.

  • Games are 6 innings, three outs per half inning.

  • Bases are 45 feet apart

  • The pitchers rubber is 47.6 feet from the strike board, which is placed three feet behind home plate. The strike board determines balls and strikes and measures 20 inches wide by 32 inches tall and stands 12 inches off the ground.

  • The field is about 90 feet down each foul line and about 100 feet to center field.

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