2021 Teams

berwyn wiffle.jpg


Berwyn Wiffle (Illinois)


Berwyn Wiffle, formerly BWACS, will be playing in their sixth NWLAT, first under the Berwyn name. Berwyn did not compete in 2020, but played in the previous five from '15-'19. They are 5-24-4 in their NWLAT career, but are still in search of their first national win. They won a game in the 2015 regional, and four at the 2017 regional.


CCW Chasers

Circle City Wiffle Ball (Indiana)

CCW in the NWLAT:

Circle City will be the host of the 2021 NWLAT. In 2020, the Chasers went 4-3 and finished in 8th place, their best career finish. This will be their sixth tournament, which they come into with an all time record of 12-14-2.

cwb wiffle.jpg

CWB All-Stars

Colonie Wiffle Ball (New York)

CWB in the NWLAT:

Colonie will be competing in their second NWLAT. In their first appearance at the 2020 tournament, they went 0-5. 

dirtball wiffle.jpg


DIRTBall Wiffle Circuit (Indiana)

DIRT in the NWLAT:

DIRTBall will be competing in their first NWLA Tournament in 2021.


GBL Legends

Griffleball League (Indiana)

GBL in the NWLAT:

Griffleball will be competing at the NWLAT for the 10th time this September. After back-to-back second place finishes in '18 and '19, GBL went 3-3 in Washington County, PA last year to finish outside the top 8 for the first time since 2017. All-time, GBL holds a 42-33-1 record.

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HRL Dong Show

Home Run League (Minnesota)

HRL in the NWLAT:

HRL etched their name in history last September by winning the 2020 NWLAT. They entered bracket play as the eight seed, and finished at the top. Their 7-2 championship record moved their all-time record to 50-20-4. The defending champions will be competing in their 9th NWLAT this year.

Logo_NWLA20-kwl league.png

KWL Keggers

Kalamazoo Wiffle League (Michigan)

KWL in the NWLAT:

KWL will make it 10-for-10 this year, as they have competed in every NWLAT. The team had their best showing ever in Washington County, PA last September, with a national runner up finish. They went 8-3 on their championship run, to improve their all-time record to 43-30-2.

lwa wiffle.png

LWA Legends of Leroy

Leroy Wiffle (Indiana)

LWA in the NWLAT:

Leroy Wiffle returns to the NWLAT after not participating in the last three tournaments. This will be their third time at the NWLAT, first since 2017, they hold an 11-8 all-time record.

MAW Logo.png

MAW Mafia

Mid Atlantic Wiffle (Pennsylvania)

MAW in the NWLAT:

MAW will be attending the NWLAT for the third time in 2021. They finished fourth in their first appearance and sixth at last year's tournament. They have gone 4-3 at both tournaments they competed in, totaling an 8-6 all-time record.

mlw wiffle.jpg

MLW All Stars

Major League Wiffle (Michigan)

MLW in the NWLAT:

MLW will return for their second crack at the NWLAT, after not attending in 2020. In their debut in 2019, the team went 1-4. 

neo wifle.jpg


North East Ohio Wiffle Ball (Ohio)

NEOW in the NWLAT:

NEO Wiffle will be competing in their first NWLA Tournament in 2021.



Ontario County American Wiffle Association of America (New York)


OCWA and AWAA will debut a merged squad this year in Indianapolis. OCWA competed in all nine of the previous NWLAT's. They won two Cups ('12 and '16) and totaled a 57-24-2 record. AWAA competed in the past four NWLAT's. They won the 2019 Cup and totaled a 21-12-1 record. In 2020, AWAA finished 3rd with a 7-3 record, while OCWA was 5th with a 4-3 mark. 


RPWL Longballs

Ridley Park Wiffleball League (Pennsylvania)

RPWL in the NWLAT:

Ridley Park earned the #1 seed in bracket play at last year's tournament. They ended the weekend in 7th place with a 5-2 record. Their highest finish came in 2019 when they placed third. The Longballs come into their fifth NWLAT with an all-time record of 17-14-3.


SWBL Cardinals

Skibbe Wiffle Ball League (Missouri)

SWBL in the NWLAT:

The SWBL Cardinals will continue the streak of playing in every NWLA Tournament. They will make their 10th attempt at taking home the Cup this year. In '16 and '17 they finished in second. Last year the Cardinals went 3-3 to move their all time record to 51-25.

WILL logo (1).png

WILL Waves

Wiff is Life League (Pennsylvania)

WILL in the NWLAT:

The WILL hosted the 2020 tournament, and went 2-4 in their hometown. In 2018 they won the Cup as the 14 seed, the lowest seeded team to ever win it. This will be the Waves fifth NWLAT, their all-time record sits at 16-13-1.



Wiffle in Southeast Michigan (Michigan)

WSEM in the NWLAT:

WSEM bounced back, after a 14th place 2019 finish and 0-3 record in 2020's pool play round, to finish in 4th place in Washington County, PA. The team has won the tournament a record three times with Cups in '14, '15, and '17. This will be WSEM's 10th NWLAT, and they hold a 48-22-5 all-time record.

Logo_NWLA20-www league.jpg

WWW Mothmen

Wild and Wonderful Wiffle (West Virginia)

WWW in the NWLAT:

WWW will be competing in their 8th NWLA Tournament. In their first four years they played as Huntington Wiffle League. The last three tournaments have been under the WWW mantra. Last season, WWW had their worst appearance, going 0-5 in Washington County, PA. Their all time record now sits at 16-30.


YiSH Prime

YiSH Wiffleball (Illinois)

YISH in the NWLAT:

YiSH will be competing in their second NWLA Tournament. In their debut last September, they went 2-3. After a 2-1 pool play performance, YiSH came up short in each of their two bracket games to be eliminated.