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2014: Tournament Continues to Grow; WSEM Downs Tampa for the Title

Updated: May 24, 2020


In 2014, there were over 20 leagues who wanted to participate in the tournament so for the first time ever, we had to turn leagues down. We allowed all the teams who played the previous two years to have a spot, and then the league captains voted on the three new teams. Everyone was excited to have a full field of 16 teams, but the day before the tournament, a league dropped out giving us 15 teams. Last minute, the captains voted on changing the round-robin format from three games, to four. With that change, the round-robin games were changed from a full six innings, to 45 minutes.

With the added round-robin game, the tournament started at 6:30 am that year, which made that Saturday the longest day in wiffleball tournament history. Sunday came, and TBW found themselves in their third straight championship game. This time however, a new team would get to that game. WSEM stormed throught the winner's bracket, and then defeated Tampa 7-5 in the final game. A new champion was crowned, and as the 2015 tournament approached, a big change was proposed.



Champions: Wiffle in Southeast Michigan

Tournament MVP: Stephen Farkas, WSEM

Home Run Derby Champion: Aaron Torchio (CWBC)

ASG MVP: Adam Kuzmin (KWL)

Final Bracket:

All Tournament Team:

  • Pitchers: Stephen Farkas (WSEM), Chris Roeder (OCWA), Bryan Rojas (TBW)

  • Hitters: Travis Heyda (HRL), Gus Skibbe (SWBL), Jack Shannon (PWL)

  • Fielder: Nate Cruz (HVWBL)

  • Manager: Alex Shore (WSEM)



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Championship Game

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