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Friday Night Activities

NWLA Tournament weekend is here! Friday night activities are a little bit different this year.

TEAM CHECK-IN | (Opens at 3 pm)

Upon arrival to the tournament all teams must check in at the  HQ tent to fill out paperwork, receive t-shirts, and ​go over weekend procedures. CAPTAINS ONLY please come retrieve your teams items, we do not want a crowd forming around the HQ tent.

HOME RUN DERBY | (Qualifying Rounds 6-7:30 pm) (Bracket starts at 7:45

Any player on a roster is eligible to compete. From 6-7:30 PM players will need to get a tournament official to watch their qualifying round, just go to the HQ tent and say you want to do a qualifying round.. Players are allowed one qualifying round only. Qualifying rounds will be 1 minute long.

The top 16  players will be seeded into a single elimination bracket for the home run derby finals, which will be 1 minute rounds. The Home Run Derby finals bracket will begin at 7:45 pm and will be live streamed on Twitter.


3 PM: (F1) WILL, (F2) SWBL​

4PM: (F1) NWBL, (F2) YISH, (F3) CWB, (F4) GAWL

5PM: (F1) RPWL, (F2) WSEM, (F3) KWL, (F4) WWW

6PM: (F1) AWAA, (F2) GBL, (F3) HRL, (F4) OCWA

We look forward to seeing everyone!

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