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NWLA Tournament Moves to Indianapolis Beginning in 2020

Updated: May 20, 2020

The news of the NWLA Tournament in need of a new home shocked the Wiffle world and spread to every corner of the country, calling anyone and everyone to step up and be the next host of this Wiffle tradition unlike any other. The NWLA Tournament Host Committee would like to thank all of the leagues and leaders who made this decision very difficult, in a good way, in picking the tournament's next home. After a long debate, the committee stands by the decision to host the NWLA Tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 10-12, 2020. Brendan Dudas, Commissioner of Circle City Wiffleball has a great plan in place to create a successful tournament for years to come. The famed NWLA Field of the Year, "The Dirtyard" is a wiffle wonder that all wifflers should experience, and now they will all have that chance. The bulk of the tournament will be played near the CCW home field, but everyone will have the opportunity to witness The Dirtyard in action as it will play host to the Friday Night festivities, and even the final four teams of the tournament. With connections to umpires, ability to store equipment, overall charm that is Indiana wiffleball and all of the amazing people on hand to help out from many leagues across the state, Indianapolis could be the home for this tournament for the rest of our Wiffle careers. Not to mention this was the proposal that was closest to the epicenter of the participating leagues in regards to location and has an International Airport with the fields very close. More information will be released by the tournament host committee from tournament info, team registration, hotel accommodations and more very soon! We will see you all in Indy!

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